At Lexington, we have streamlined our home building process to make it a great experience.  Working with numerous buyers, we have earned the admiration and respect of many buyers over the years as a result of our attention to detail and following a clear process from our first meeting with plans to the last handing over keys.


Step 1. The Meeting

Our expert team will meet with you as we help you find the floorplan or design the home of your dreams in one of our desired communities or on the homesite of your choice.

We have met with hundreds of home buyers and thoroughly enjoy the first meeting helping demonstrate the latest techniques and trends to help you live the lifestyle of your choice in the home of your dreams.


Step 2. Design Process

You will look forward to spending time with our designing partners where you will be able to choose from a variety of products to personalize your home to your lifestyle and dreams.

Everyone is different. And to build the home that is right for you, we help you personalize it to fit your needs. We only work with the best partners in the industry to give you the greatest selection and the highest quality products for your home.


Step 3. Construction

During construction, you will enjoy visiting the site with our Project Manager for the home inspection and final walk-through.

You can trust we have the best experts from start to finish working on completing your home on time. Our Project Manager will manage that process every step of the way.


Step 4. Keys!

At final inspection of your completed home, our team will work with you to prepare for final closing documents. Once closed, you will be handed the keys and welcomed to your dream home!

We may have done this over 400 times, but we still anxiously look forward to handing keys to every buyer and saying “welcome home!”